Sedum ‘Jellybeans’ Succulent 3″ Pot


Sedum × rubrotinctum ‘Jelly-beans’ Succulent

Jellybeans is an interesting succulent plant that displays jelly beanlike foliage. In the summertime it changes from green to bright red, and it bears yellow flowers in the springtime.

The ‘Jelly-Bean’ succulent originated in Mexico so has no trouble coping with the harsh Summer heat.  During Summer some of the lime green foliage will change to red as a coping mechanism from the extreme heat, which actually adds to its aesthetic appeal! 

This cute succulent is extremely low maintenance, only requiring a well drained soil and protection from harsh frosts.  It can be used as a border, randomly planted, in pots or hanging baskets.  Mixed up with other succulents of different colours and textures, it would be a wonderful addition to your garden.

3″ pot size.

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