Vaccinium ‘Blue Rose’ Blueberry 6″ Pot


Vaccinium corymbosum 

Blueberry Blue Rose is a highbush type of Blueberry that requires a chilling period of around 750 to 1000 hours, making it more suited to cooler climates. A deciduous Blueberry, Blue Rose will produce large fruit that is best picked when completely ripe as the acidic fruit will not ripen after it is picked. A very good variety for cooking, Blue Rose will hold it’s form when frozen and thawed, making it excellent to use in a variety of ways. Blue Rose is partially self fertile, but a larger crop will result if another variety is growing nearby. Like all Blueberries, Blue Rose does need an acid soil to grow well. If growing in a pot ensure a potting mix for Azaleas and Camellias is selcted as this will ensure the correct soil pH.

6” pot

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