Oregano ‘Variegated’ 3″ Pot


This herb is also a perennial, but not as hardy as other oregano, it’s likes sun, but not hot midday sun, and likes well drained soil and moderate watering. It only grows to about 45cm tall, making it the smallest of its variety. It has vibrant green leaves edged in ivory, and have white or almost very pale pink flowers. Its low growing prostrate nature means it works wonders in pots or containers, and is perfect in low borders or rockeries. The flavour of variegated oregano is a lot milder than others, but still a great herb to use in the kitchen. Great used in Italian cuisine, or with veggies. It is also used in Greek and Spanish cooking. Due to its mild flavours, this herb works wonders in salads. Leaves can be used fresh or dried. Or you can freeze them in ice cubes for later use. Just defrost and gentle pat dry to use.

3″ pot size.

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botanical name

Origanum Vulgatum "Variegatum"