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Washingtonia ‘Mexican Cotton Fan Palm’ 45L


Washingtonia robusta 

Common names: Mexican Cotton Fan Palm, Mexican Fan Palm, Mexican washingtonia, Washingtonia palm.
The Mexican Cotton Fan Palm is medium-tall sized palm originating from Mexico. It can reach a mature height of 7m in Victoria’s climate. It has large fan like fronds with remnant threads of foliage that appear like ‘cotton’ hanging from between frond segments. It is tough, frought and frost tolerant when established! It is a perfect addition for features and tropical gardens.

45 litre pot.

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Additional information

botanical name

Washingtonia robusta

height x width

6-10m tall, slow growing


The shiny bright green fronds are almost circular


Full sun in well drained soil, protected from heavy frosts

landscape use

Specimen, avenue