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Waterhousia ‘Weeping Lilly Pilly’ 100L


Waterhousea floribunda 

This Australian Native is also known as the Weeping Lilly Pilly due to its slightly drooping habit, which is visually very attractive. It is often used as a hedge/screen and responds well to pruning. Although often used as a hedge, it can also be planted as an evergreen tree.

The height is often determined by the conditions, but untrimmed will reach at least 8m. It can easily grow in many soil types, is frost tolerant and also copes well with damp soils. It is fast growing and has a lovely, lush, compact foliage with the new growth a pink/rust colour adding contrast.

100 litre bag

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Hedging & screening, evergreen feature tree, standardized hedge


Yes. Rarely, but when it does, white fluffy flowers in summer

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