Morus ‘Weeping Mulberry’ 1.8m Standard 13″ Pot

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Morus alba “Pendula”

Weeping Mulberry Trees are very beautiful small to medium weeping trees with large heart shaped leaves. The foliage is a luscious glossy green and turns a beautiful golden colour in Autumn, hanging down on long gracefull weeping branches. The Weeping Mulberry Tree has the exclusive role of feeding fussy silkworms, making it a bit fancy. It’s a long lived tree that is relatively hardy.

The Weeping Mulberry also features small red flowers and small edible red mulberries, which stain paths less than other darker Mulberry varieties. As mulberries are usually too tender to make it to the supermarket, this is a great berry to grow at home.

13″ pot size, approximately 6ft in height.

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Additional information

botanical name

Morus alba "Pendula"

height x width

3m x 3m at 20 years


Small red flowers and small edible sweet red-black mulberries, large shiny lime green leaves on long pendulous branches


Hardy, but prefers Full sun with well drained mulched soil

landscape use

Small gardens, specimens, avenue planting