Morus ‘Weeping Mulberry’ 1.8m Standard 13″ Pot


Morus alba pendula

Weeping Mulberry Trees are very beautiful small to medium weeping trees with large heart shaped leaves. The foliage is a luscious glossy green and turns a beautiful golden colour in Autumn, hanging down on long gracefull weeping branches. The Weeping Mulberry Tree has the exclusive role of feeding fussy silkworms, making it a bit fancy. It’s a long lived tree that is relatively hardy.

13″ pot size, approximately 6ft in height.

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Additional information

botanical name

Morus alba "Pendula"

height x width

3m x 3m at 20 years


Small red flowers and small edible sweet red-black mulberries, large shiny lime green leaves on long pendulous branches


Hardy, but prefers Full sun with well drained mulched soil

landscape use

Small gardens, specimens, avenue planting