Betula ‘Silver Birch Weeping’ 1.8m 16″ Pot


Betula pendula youngii ‘Weeping Silver Birch’

The Grafted Weeping Birch is a beautiful small and compact weeping deciduous tree that takes the classic look of a Silver Birch and doubles the appeal. Excellent for small gardens, this is an incredibly graceful weeping tree with lovely white spotted bark, golden Autumn foliage and a compact size.

The Grafted Weeping Birch can either be pruned in late Autumn to create a more formal umbrella shape, or its branches left to weep right down to the ground. Grafted trees feature a lush bushy head on a straight trunk. They do not grow much taller than the height they are grafted at, instead getting fuller in head and trunk as they mature.

16″/40cm pot

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