Betula ‘Silver Birch’ Weeping 12″ Pot


Betula pendula youngii ‘Weeping Silver Birch’

Weeping Silver Birch is a beautiful tree that is medium sized. Grows best in a position of full sun to partial shade. Silver Birch is great for larger gardens and parks etc. It’s bark remains white at the base.

This tree is easy to grow and will thrive in most types of soil. This Weeping Silver Birch is deciduous and bears lovely small green leaves.

12″ pot size, approximately 6ft in height.

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Additional information

botanical name

Betula pendula ?Youngii?

height x width

Height of the standard x 3m at 20 years


Silver/white peeling bark, bright green small leaves, graceful long weeping branches


Plant in full sun to part shade in well drained mulched soil

landscape use

An excellent specimen for any garden, may be trimmed into more of an umbrella shape or left to weep to the ground