Yucca elephantipes ‘Stick Yucca’ 12″ Pot


Yucca elephantipes ‘Spineless Yucca/Stick Yucca’

Yuccas would have to be one of the most versatile plants available. They will successfully grow in full sun, part shade, full shade or indoors. Grown for their bold and handsome shape, they feature tall woody stems ending in a crown of long sword shaped leaves.

12”/30cm pot

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Product Description

Yuccas prefer dryer conditions with good drainage, but will still grow in most places; they will tolerate very hot periods without water or near freezing conditions. If grown in the full sun, the foliage becomes stiffer and bolder looking, giving it the trendy and fashionable Mediterranean look. If grown in shade or indoors they will develop a softer and longer leaf.

Yuccas can be planted in pots or in the garden, be grown indoors or outdoors and be planted in sun or shade. They look exotic and tropical and have a modern style. Yuccas perform a range of landscape functions. Plant as a centerpiece in a courtyard, as a feature plant in a pot or as a low maintenance stylish screen. Use as a hardy indoor feature either fully indoors, under plastic roofing or in undercover outdoors areas.

Check out our Yucca factsheet for more information.

Additional information


Yucca elephantipes


Up to 2m, but slow growing


Rosettes of shiny green leaves are very bold and attractive, a trunk forms with age below the rosettes of foliage


Full sun to part shade in well-drained soil, will tolerate drought


Pots, courtyards, plaza?s, specimens, general landscaping, feature