Bring outside inside with beautiful indoor plants, and literally bring life to your home or office. Plants add colour and freshness to our interior spaces and lives, and they also help to purify the air inside.
There are many styles of Indoor gardens, from a mini garden in a single pot on your desk, to a full wall garden or large potted garden near the window. The options are endless!

Key Features

  • Ferns, vines, succulents and cacti
  • Well-lit or sunny position
  • Ornamental pots, stands, hangers and bowls


This varies but generally indoor plants are in the medium to high maintenance category. As they live their entire life inside a pot, they depend entirely on you for everything! Many indoor plants require a humidifier and depending on how much heating and cooling you need, they will need regular watering, particularly in summer.


Indoor watering can, spray bottle, cloth, gardening gloves, secateurs, scissors, dustpan and brush (somehow soil still gets out of the pot!)