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We know you don’t need a reason to buy another indoor plant but there are those around you who do. We’ve might have heard ‘Don’t you have enough plants already?’ or ‘ANOTHER one? You’ve got enough!’

Well, we say ‘Never!’ 

And here’s our Top 10 Benefits of Indoor Plants to convince your friends and family that that new indoor plant baby needs to come home with you. 

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Air purifiers

This isn’t an argument we haven’t heard before. In fact, NASA did an experiment in 1989, detailing how indoor plants clean the air of not only carbon dioxide but formaldehyde and benzene. Plants clean our air outside in the garden and in the wild, so it stands to reason that indoors they will do the same. There are, in fact, certain indoor plants that are particularly good at purifying your household air. These include Devils Ivy, Mother-in-law Tongue, Aloe Vera, and Spider Grass just to name a few!



There’s a reason why we feel better when we go outside in the garden. Plants are known to increase our mood and mental health, relaxing and enlightening us. When we can’t get out into the garden because of the wild winter weather, or maybe you just don’t have a backyard, bringing the wild indoors is the next best option. Whether it’s one little desk Cactus or a mini jungle in your living room, having plants indoors is sure to lift your mood.


An obvious one but its benefits is often overlooked. Indoor plants are used in many industries to create a more aesthetic appeal to a room, whether it be in Real Estate to better sell a house, in restaurants to create a mood or vibe for patrons, or in your own home to welcome guests or relax and calm your own family! Their beauty, and sometimes bushiness, can cover or screen off unsightly areas, and make even the ugliest room beautiful.

Environmental Conditions

Plants can create a mini-ecosystem inside your house by changing the environmental conditions. Having a few plants around can increase the humidity in an often dry environment caused by heating and cooling. Or having a well-placed plant near a sunny or hot window can cool down an otherwise hot room. In fact, many avid indoor plant collectors will testify that having many plants inside creates a cool and comfortable environment due to the regular watering and maintenance of their plants and from the plants breathing and cleaning the air.

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Therapeutic Hobby

These last 2 years more than ever have we seen gardening become a hobby of any customers. Indoor Plant sales have gone through the roof, giving those isolated at home a sense of companionship and sating their natural human need to nurture. We feel challenged, accomplished and prideful when we care for and learn from our plants. Singing and talking to your plants is proven to be both beneficial to you and your plants!


Lower Stress
Quite often, what causes you stress is being in your own head, so there’s nothing like a good distraction to get you outta there! Focussing your energy on something peaceful like plant maintenance keeps you calm, attentive, and above all, busy! Your plant will enjoy the attention too. 


Immune System

Yep, that’s right! Not only do they reduce stress and improve your mood, but they are also known to boost your immune system. So a study in Texas in 2002 tells us, they are even known to heal patients in hospitals faster. In conjunction with their calming qualities which have obvious health benefits, plants release phytoncides, which have antifungal and antibacterial qualities. These qualities assist plants to fight disease. However, when we breathe them in, it provokes our immune system into producing NK white blood cells, which kill viruses and tumour cells in our body. Gosh, they’re amazing!


Increase productivity

Keeping calm, focussed and with a positive outlook has been proven to increase your productivity – who knew! It stands to reason that if you’re not surrounded by distractions or placed in a depressing cube that constantly reminds you that you’re at work, you’re obviously more likely to be able to focus on your task at hand, improving your quality of work and productivity. 


With the stimulation of white blood cells boosting your immunity, cleaner air, and a relaxing environment giving you a calmer outlook, it’s no wonder that plants will also assist with fending off allergies. NASA is at it again, stating that plants draw in toxins via emitting water vapor, drawing it down into their roots and converting it into food. If your indoor plants are cared for properly they will reduce and remove pollen spores, mold, and dust, all of which can cause or irritate allergies.


Sleep Better
Cleaner and fresher air will help you sleep much better. And a calmer, relaxing environment is sure to send you off to sleep peacefully. On the other hand, if you’re a follower of Feng Shui, you may want to reconsider a plant in the bedroom as they represent upward energy and growth while your energy is supposed to be going down and quiet. But for the rest of us, go nuts!

We currently have a big sale with  40% OFF all our Indoor plants, in-store only! Come see us at 1477 Sydney Road, Campbellfield! 

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