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May in the Garden 2022!

Let the cold weather begin! May brings the first frosts, cold nights and a blaze of Autumn colour and leaf fall from our deciduous trees and shrubs. There are lots of trees still bearing beautiful autumn foliage such as the Crimson Sentry Maples, London Plane trees and Golden Elms but by the end of the […]

Top 10 Autumn Shrubs!

In autumn many deciduous plants transform from their lush green summer coats to hues of yellow, red, purple and gold. These warm colours gracefully transition us from the warmth of summer to the cold of winter. Many of us have gardens that are on the smaller side, and if you don’t have that much space […]

April in the Garden! Happy Easter 2022!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! April usually marks the unofficial beginning of Autumn and the beginning of the longest season of the Kulin nation; ‘Waring’ or Wombat season! Unlike autumn, which lasts from March-May, Waring lasts from April to July. It marks the beginning of misty mornings, low temperatures and higher rainfall. Days begin to […]

Hello Hello Autumn! March in the Garden 2022!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! As we are reaching the end of Summer here in Melbourne, we can all certainly feel the cool change and the days getting shorter. This is the season that reminds us that our bodies, minds, and surroundings are always changing. It represents the preservation of life and its basic necessities. […]

Blog Post Top 10 Screening Plants

Top 10 Screening Plants!

Imagine being in your backyard relaxing, enjoying a drink and kicking back on your deck to catch some serious rays and then you catch the neighbour having a peek at you over the fence. Relaxation ruined! Or what if a two-storey unit goes up right next to your property with a whole floor of windows […]

February in the Garden 2022!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! After a small heatwave this summer, the forecast for February is a bit cooler and more rainy days! This means that this month is perfect for putting any plants you want in the ground! We usually have long hot summers with blistering heat waves, where we have to water our […]

Hello Hello 2022! January in the Garden!

Happy New Gardening Year 2022 to all of you! We hope you all had lovely holidays and are ready to tackle this new and exciting year, smash your gardening goals, and make the best of everything that life throws at you! It has been and still is a challenging time for many of us and […]

December in the Garden 2021!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! December officially marks the start of summer here in Victoria and is the most exciting month of the year! Long summer evenings, garden parties, friends over for dinner, school holidays, vacation home getaways, and especially Christmas and New Year celebrations! There are beautiful flowers blooming everywhere right now such as […]

November in the Garden 2021!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! It is already November and the weather is looking fantastic here in Melbourne with warm days, clear blue skies but also the occasional shower! With the lock-down finally lifted, we were so happy to see all of you back in store these past few weeks! Traditionally Cup weekend has been […]

October in the Garden 2021

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! October is here already with some beautiful warm sunny days alternating with some heavy showers! We are eagerly anticipating the end of the lockdowns here in Melbourne. With the incredible amount of orders we have received and the thousands of plants we have delivered in the past month, we know […]