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August in the garden 2021!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! August is here and we start yet another exciting month in the garden. We are still getting a few frosty mornings in Melbourne, but the days are getting noticeably longer. This is the last month of cold Winter days, and soon we will be in jumping into the most exciting […]

July in the Garden

July is here, which means that half of the year is over already, and we are officially heading into the peak of winter with its daily dose of cold and rain! Don’t let the drab slow you down this winter. There is much to do in winter to get prepared for the spring growth plus […]

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June in the Garden!

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here! June marks the beginning of winter. The stark trees, bitterly cold nights and cloudy days have done a pretty good job at reminding us all of that. But the best way to stay warm this winter is to stay active and get some gardening done! Many may not realise that […]

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May in the Garden!

Let the cold weather begin! May brings the first frosts, cold nights and a blaze of Autumn colour and leaf fall from our deciduous trees and shrubs. There are lots of trees still bearing beautiful autumn foliage such as the Crimson Sentry Maples, London Plane trees and Golden Elms but by the end of the […]

April in the Garden! Happy Easter 2021!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! April usually marks the unofficial beginning of Autumn and the beginning of the longest season of the Kulin nation; ‘Waring’ or Wombat season! Unlike autumn, which lasts from March-May, Waring lasts from April to July. It marks the beginning of misty mornings, low temperatures and higher rainfall. Days begin to […]

Top 10 Autumn Trees

Top 10 Autumn Trees!

When we think of Autumn, the first thing that comes to mind is the magical transition of lush greenery to hues of red, purple and gold, which eventually drop from the tree and cover the ground like a mosaic carpet. This creates an atmosphere of warm, vibrant impressionistic colours that we all love. And it […]

Hello Hello Autumn! March in the Garden!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! As we are reaching the end of Summer here in Melbourne, we can all certainly feel the cool change and the days getting shorter. We put on extra layers to keep us warm, enjoy our favourite hot beverage and make ourselves cozy for Autumn.  This is the season that reminds […]

February in the Garden!

Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! Holidays are over, the kids are back to school, and Melbourne is slowly resuming its activities in its little bubble in comparison to the rest of the world. Our thoughts go out to all those still affected by COVID. After all the sacrifices made by Victorians during the lockdown, we […]

Hello Hello 2021! January in the Garden!

Happy New Gardening Year 2021 to all of you! We are thankful that the challenging rollercoaster ride that was 2020 is finally over. Despite the hardship of lockdown, we believe that somehow, some good came out of it. Many of us broke free of that daily grind and got to spend more quality time with […]

Increase the value of your property!

At this time of the year many people are thinking about putting their properties on the market towards the end of Spring and in Summer. With the current lock-down, there has been a dip in property trading and this will surely take off once the restrictions are lifted. Property values have gone down slightly according […]