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Top 10 Plants for Mother’s Day!

A big thanks to all the Mums this Mothers Day for putting in the hard yards, particularly these last few years. Mums of Australia deserve a sleep in, breakfast in bed and, of course, a beautiful gift to really show how much they are appreciated. For Mums out there with a green thumb, we have […]

Cottage Gardens

Cottage Garden Cottage gardens have become more popular than ever. People love the year-round colour and interest that a cottage garden can provide. A cottage garden is a mixture of different perennials, bulbs, small to medium bushes, and small trees, such as a weeping cherry or birch. A cottage garden is a relatively simple and […]

Creating a Sensory Garden!

Gardening works wonders for your physical health and it also helps to improve your mental well-being. When you garden you make things grow, you create food and you transform spaces. The satisfaction from accomplishing those things can cheer you up even when you feel dissatisfied with what feels like everything else in your life. Beyond […]

Increase the value of your property!

At this time of the year many people are thinking about putting their properties on the market towards the end of Spring and in Summer. With the current lock-down, there has been a dip in property trading and this will surely take off once the restrictions are lifted. Property values have gone down slightly according […]

September in the garden

Gardening Tips for September in Melbourne. Things to do in your spring garden.

June In the Garden!

June means that nearly half a year is over, and that winter is here for the next couple of months. It is starting to get really cold and we are getting more rainy days.  A lot of the deciduous trees are still shedding their leaves and some plants have slowed their growth down while others […]

Weeping Wonders!

Weeping trees are a stunning feature in almost any garden. They add interest to the landscape all year long with their long weeping branches that sway gracefully in the wind. They soothe the mind and evoke feelings of serenity! A weeping tree has branches or leaves that droop downward, creating a graceful profile. Most weeping trees do not have this habit […]

Green & White – The Classic Combo

When it comes to creating a colour scheme for your garden, you can have such an overwhelming choice! But if you want something that is really stylish and stunning in its simplicity, nothing beats the Green & White combo! It is such a easy combination of planting, you cannot go wrong! This easily compliments any […]

Mozzie Madness

Mozzie Madness

It’s mosquito season my friends! Those pesky little enemies are planning attacks on your next BBQ. But don’t let them send you running inside yelling expletives and shaking your fist in the air. Hope is not lost my friend! Get the upper hand the ?NATURAL? way with our range of mosquito repelling plants. Rubbing the leaves […]

Susan and Leon Create a Magical Garden

We first met the lovely Susan and Leon in May, they came to Hello Hello Plants with dreams of creating their own beautiful gardens, and we were more than happy to help these angels make their wants a reality! We love seeing the end result of the hard work our customers put into creating their […]