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Mozzie Madness

Mozzie Madness

It’s mosquito season my friends! Those pesky little enemies are planning attacks on your next BBQ. But don’t let them send you running inside yelling expletives and shaking your fist in the air. Hope is not lost my friend! Get the upper hand the 🌱NATURAL🌱 way with our range of mosquito repelling plants. Rubbing the leaves […]

Susan and Leon Create a Magical Garden

We first met the lovely Susan and Leon in May, they came to Hello Hello Plants with dreams of creating their own beautiful gardens, and we were more than happy to help these angels make their wants a reality! We love seeing the end result of the hard work our customers put into creating their […]

Introducing The Balcony Beasties Range

Hello Hello! Is your balcony a place where plants go to die? Really hot? High winds? We know you want a beautiful balcony with none of the responsibility! That’s why we’ve created THE BALCONY BEASTIES RANGE! Plants that can grow in a pot and are tough as nails! Go on a holiday and relax knowing your plants will […]

Teeny Tiny Weeping Cherry

The weeping cherry for everybody! Weeping cherries have a beautiful cascading shape, gorgeous Autumn colour and fab Spring blossom. But sometimes the large size and high price of weeping cherries means it’s not an option for everyone, but right now at Hello Hello Plants we have Teeny Tiny Weeping Cherries! Standing at just 3ft tall, […]

FREE Garden Design – Limited time only!

Have a question? Call us on (03) 9359 3331 e   Most people usually have an idea of what kind of garden they like but don’t know what would work best at their property. Chris has a wealth of experience in Garden Design and knows the kinds of questions to ask to get a clear […]

$4.99 Garden Fillers!!

Have a question? Call us on (03) 9359 3331   Katie loved our $4.99 section, she has a huge rockery to fill up and this is her second visit to the Campbellfield store as she buys the plants for her rockery in stages. These small $4.99 plants quickly bush out to fill those gaps and […]

Hello Hello – Summer Clearance!!!

“Me mates selling his Box super cheap and now is the time to grab yourself a bargain” – Chris Lucas – Store Manager.  Perfect for hedges and borders Beautiful lush green Very hardy Landscape favourite Beautiful and elegant with 4 true seasons of colour Perfect for privacy and screening Super effective for hedging Quick Growing Everygreen […]

Beautiful Semi Trailer Load of Lush Tropical Stock!!

Get in now to see our beautiful selection of lush tropical stock, fresh off the Semi Trailer.  Selected by Chris the “Plant Detective” We’ve just received a huge semi trailer load of beautiful lush tropical stock, with wonderful reduced prices just for you! Take a look below to see the full list. Chris the “Plant […]

Open Everyday Over Melbourne Cup Weekend, Including Cup Day!!

Come in this weekend and fulfil your Spring Carnival dreams by shopping at Hello Hello Plants and stocking up on some great Spring Colours! There is so much to appreciate in the garden at this time of the year. With 4 seasons in one day your gardens are loosing their minds and growing at a rapid […]

Don’t Miss Out On This Years Bare Rooted Sale!

Last year Robbie from Lalor missed out on getting his Standard Bare Rooted Icebergs and had to wait a whole year to get them for only $9.90 each! Don’t let this be you! Get into Hello Hello Plants now while there is still time. Visit: 1477 Sydney Rd Campbellfield | Call: (03) 9359 3331 | Order: […]