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Beautiful Customer Message

Beautiful Customer Message ❤️

💚🙂We love our friendly customers🙂💚 This is a beautiful little message we received from David today, it absolutely warmed our heart and we are so grateful you shared something so precious with us, YOUR ROSES LOOK BEAUTIFUL❤️ “Couldn’t post to your page but really wanted to send you these pics. Purchased these little standard Iceberg roses […]

Japanese Garden Makeover!

We love our friendly customers😊💚This is Kathy & John from St Albans, they came out to the nursery with an idea to create a Japanese style garden. 🍁 With the help of Chris and the gang they put together this beautiful trolley full of lush plants while their kids played in the nursery looking for […]

Lovely Christmas Spirit

Lovely Christmas Spirit

How’s this for Christmas spirit! Lovely Elsa here paid us a visit today for our BIG Boxing Day sale so she could do-up her dear old friend Sylvia’s garden who is not able to do much gardening anymore. What a lovely gesture! Thank you SO much Elsa for telling us your kind story and for […]

Tropical Garden

Matching Shirts!!

Check out the shirts🌴😂SO GOOD! Tony (Chris’s long lost brother it seems) travelled all the way from Dandenong to snap up a bargain and left with a beautiful little weeping cherry for his garden! Thanks for brightening our day Tony.

Double Trouble-Two Chris’s!

Double Trouble-Two Chris’s!

😁💐DOUBLE TROUBLE-TWO CHRIS’S💐😁We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Chris today, he decided to come into the nursery after seeing the🌸$4.99 Line🌸special on Facebook! 👍 What a trooper, he drove an hour to get here!🚗💨and he’s bought THOUSANDS of plants off us in the past, and said “$3 difference per plant might not seem like […]

Fabulous Value For Money!

Fabulous Value For Money!

😍🌸What a fantastic day, we’ve had the most lovely customers🌸😍This is Jamie, she popped into the nursery because she wanted to create a colourful garden on a hill, and when she filled up her trolly with bright blooms she was surprised how little it cost 😁🌻 saying “that’s fabulous value for money!” 💐 It made us so very happy, […]

Glenda & Chris – Feeling Lovely

We LOVE a happy customer! This is Glenda & Chris, they are two of the loveliest humans we’ve met. Glenda and Chris decided they wanted to purchase some Green Rocket hedging, but were struggling to find anything under $10 in their home town of Ballarat, so once they found out we had them here at the […]

Susan and Leon Create a Magical Garden

We first met the lovely Susan and Leon in May, they came to Hello Hello Plants with dreams of creating their own beautiful gardens, and we were more than happy to help these angels make their wants a reality! We love seeing the end result of the hard work our customers put into creating their […]

We LOVE a Happy Customer!

We service a wide range of people from all walks of life! This week Erin popped into the nursery and was very happy to find our prices were much cheaper than she had budgeted for. Read what she had to say about us below. Thanks for the lovely words Erin! “Fantastic service. I came in […]

Get A Free Garden Design At Hello Hello!!!

Susan & Leon really wanted a Japanese inspired garden as soon as possible. So whilst they sat down, Chris designed the garden in front of them so they could visualise how their new garden would look. Get a Free Garden Design, and if you purchase a garden lot of $1000 or more, you will receive a […]