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Bare Rooted Ornamental Pears From $14.99!

Ornamental pear trees are fast growing, tolerant of most soil types, including heavy and poor soils, and best of all they come in a range of shapes and sizes.  Much loved by architects and local councils for their hardiness, Spring blossom, Autumn colour and their screening and wind break abilities.  Screen Spacing = Creating a […]

Bare Root Season - Ends August 3rd

Bare Root Season – Ends August 3rd

What is a Bare Root plant? Not in a pot! 😀 At the nursery, we take them out of their soil bed and wrap the roots with soil and water in plastic ready for you to take home. How does it stay alive? Deciduous Trees, Shrubs and Roses all fall dormant (asleep) in Winter, so […]

All Bare Root Fruit Trees $19.99!

Healthy, juicy and delicious! Fruit trees are a fantastic and practical addition to your garden 😁 We have just had a fresh delivery of Bare Rooted fruit trees ready for you to plant! Buying Bare Rooted trees are an AMAZINGLY cost effective way to fill up your garden. Come down to the nursery for a look or buy […]

Guide For Selecting Bare Rooted Roses

Buying Bare Root Roses means you can save hundreds of dollars! Right now at Hello Hello Plants you can get a 3ft Standard Rose for $16.99ea, if you were to buy that same rose in the Springtime they will cost you $32.99ea. Soon the farmers will have to start potting up their roses for the […]

We Have Some Massive Savings At Our EOFY SALE!!!

BARGAINS, SALES AND CLEARANCE OH MY! As the financial year comes to an end we have been busy little bees here a Hello Hello Plants. We are running around the nursery picking out some juicy bargains just for you! But it can’t last long, it’s all over red rover on 30th June 2018.  So get […]

Introducing The Balcony Beasties Range

Hello Hello! Is your balcony a place where plants go to die? Really hot? High winds? We know you want a beautiful balcony with none of the responsibility! That’s why we’ve created THE BALCONY BEASTIES RANGE! Plants that can grow in a pot and are tough as nails! Go on a holiday and relax knowing your plants will […]

Teeny Tiny Weeping Cherry

The weeping cherry for everybody! Weeping cherries have a beautiful cascading shape, gorgeous Autumn colour and fab Spring blossom. But sometimes the large size and high price of weeping cherries means it’s not an option for everyone, but right now at Hello Hello Plants we have Teeny Tiny Weeping Cherries! Standing at just 3ft tall, […]

Get Bare Rooted!! The Season Begins…

Weeping Cherries are a classically beautiful addition to any garden. In spring the loosely hanging branches are covered with masses of flowers and you can choose your preference of either pink or white.  Bare Rooted means plants are grown in the ground rather than in a pot then dug and distributed without the pot.  By […]

Bare Rooted Specials – Amazing Savings!

Have a question? Call us on (03) 9359 3331   Don’t waste time driving around several nurseries trying to find your perfect Red Weeping Maple! Look, we’ve made it easy for you. We have a dedicated page on our website with individual photos and measurements of over 200 Inaba Shidare Maples. You can choose the exact […]

We’re open all day Wednesday – Choose your Perfect Maple!!

Have a question? Call us on (03) 9359 3331   Most people usually have an idea of what kind of garden they like but don’t know what would work best at their property. Chris has a wealth of experience in Garden Design and knows the kinds of questions to ask to get a clear picture […]