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World Environment Day 2020!

World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide on June 5. A platform for action, World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Origins of the World Environment Day It’s the 48th World Environment Day this year, and the first one took place in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972.  Back then, it was […]

We’ve Overbought! Now we need to Under Price!

Hello Hello Friends, You might already know how Chris loves to get you the best deals possible by buying in bulk from his suppliers, and passing his savings on to you! But he was a little overzealous while ordering, and now the nursery is Chock FULL of beautiful plants that need a new home!! So Chris […]

The $2.99 Range

Hello Hello! Check out these amazing, colourful specials we have on at the moment and guess what… they’re all $2.99!

A Flash Back In Time

A Flash Back In Time

??Awww doesn’t it make your heart melt?!??One of our beautiful customers shared this photo she had of her daughter from 2009! ?So we recreated it 10 years later!! What champs! ? Thanks guys! ? We love stories like this. After serving the local community and grater Victoria for such a long time it is really […]

Bare Rooted Roses

Bare Rooted Roses

It’s the end of bare rooted season! ROSE CLEARANCE TIME – Grab em before they’re gone. Bare Rooted Roses 2ft: Bare Rooted Roses 3ft: Bare Rooted Bush Roses: Bare Rooted Climbing Roses:


⚡️? ?? ?? THE END IS NIGH! … ….is my dramatic and entertaining way of telling you that the 2019 bare root season is ending 9th October 2019 at 5pm. After that it’s all wrapped up until next year. So get in quick and make the most of the ridiculously cheap prices. What do we have […]

Michaels Garden Makeover


We always love opening up the inbox to find wonderful photos and stories from our lovely customers. Thank you so much for taking the time to document your garden Michael! It looks great! ??? Michael: “Before, 2 years ago, and today. Unfortunately some plants failed to survive my dogs, but my wife and I think […]

Big Eff Off Pear Clearance

Ornamental Pear Clearance

SO. MANY. ORNAMENTAL. PEARS. ?? The plant market is currently experiencing an over supply of ornamental pears, it means growers are willing to pass on some pretty amazing savings. One of our growers needs to clear his paddock to grow new plants, so we are helping him out by having a BIG EFF OFF PEAR […]


PLEASE PRE-ORDER BEFORE ATTENDING THE NURSERY AS FLOOR STOCK IS LIMITED Welcome to the Box Hedge Bonanza! A large amount of desirable lush green box and topiary ready for you take home and make a hedge, border or even a maze! (AH-MAZING) and did we mention it’s on sale? IT’S ON SALE!  Limited time only. […]

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Plant?

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Plant?

Hello Hello, In February our nursery is full off the best bargains of the year. Traditionally most people do their planting in the cooler months, but the absolute best time of the year to plant is February as the nights are getting longer and cooler and the evaporation rate is dropping rapidly. New plants will […]