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Bare Rooted Roses

Bare Rooted Roses

It’s the bare rooted rose season, a fantastic time of the year! You can buy bulk  2ft, 3ft, bush or climbing roses for less than the cost of potted. 2019 IS A ROSE SHORTAGE, one of our wholesalers has already sold out before bare root season has truly begun. We are looking at a limited […]

25% off Banner

⚡️❤️🎉25 % OFF ALL MARKED PRICES 🎉❤️⚡️

⚡️❤️🎉25 % OFF ALL MARKED PRICES 🎉❤️⚡️FLOOR STOCK CLEARANCE ON NOW for the month of June we’ll make you swoon 😉 with our hot prices🔥 IN STORE ONLY 👏1477 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield 🌿 ☎️ PH: (03) 9359 3331 💕WHILE STOCKS LAST ⏰

Get Bare Rooted

📣 Get Bare Rooted 📣

🌟🎉It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to get BARE ROOTED! 😉 🎉🌟 🤔What does bare rooted mean? Bare rooted simply means – No pot! 💁Is there an advantage to buying bare rooted plants? Hell yeah, they are SO MUCH CHEAPER! 🌿Does this harm the plant? Absolutely not, this has been practised for years […]

Michaels Garden Makeover


We always love opening up the inbox to find wonderful photos and stories from our lovely customers. Thank you so much for taking the time to document your garden Michael! It looks great! 🎉😃💕 Michael: “Before, 2 years ago, and today. Unfortunately some plants failed to survive my dogs, but my wife and I think […]

Big Eff Off Pear Clearance

Ornamental Pear Clearance

SO. MANY. ORNAMENTAL. PEARS. 😱🎉 The plant market is currently experiencing an over supply of ornamental pears, it means growers are willing to pass on some pretty amazing savings. One of our growers needs to clear his paddock to grow new plants, so we are helping him out by having a BIG EFF OFF PEAR […]

Box hedge

Box Hedging Guide

Box hedging, it is hands down the most popular item at the nursery! For a good reason too. It’s versatile and classic form means that it matches almost any garden style. But we get it, with many options, comes great responsibility, and you don’t want to make the wrong choice! It’s okay, take a deep […]

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Plant?

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Plant?

Hello Hello, In February our nursery is full off the best bargains of the year. Traditionally most people do their planting in the cooler months, but the absolute best time of the year to plant is February as the nights are getting longer and cooler and the evaporation rate is dropping rapidly. New plants will […]

Beautiful Customer Message

Beautiful Customer Message ❤️

💚🙂We love our friendly customers🙂💚 This is a beautiful little message we received from David today, it absolutely warmed our heart and we are so grateful you shared something so precious with us, YOUR ROSES LOOK BEAUTIFUL❤️ “Couldn’t post to your page but really wanted to send you these pics. Purchased these little standard Iceberg roses […]

Japanese Garden Makeover!

We love our friendly customers😊💚This is Kathy & John from St Albans, they came out to the nursery with an idea to create a Japanese style garden. 🍁 With the help of Chris and the gang they put together this beautiful trolley full of lush plants while their kids played in the nursery looking for […]

$2.99 Clearance Sale


We have an awesome range of cottage plants, shrubs and ground covers all under $3. So get in quick, before they run out the door! We’ll see you at the nursery 🌼 1477 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield ☎ (03) 9359 3331 🌴 OPEN EVERYDAY 9am – 5pm 🌞