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Our new pal Mark was on his way to pick up 20 pots of Lavender for one of his clients from one of those big ol’ nurseries when he got wind of our RIPPER SALE ⚑️He was pulled up on the side of the road when he got a text saying that we have 6″ […]

Big Eff Off Pear Clearance

Ornamental Pear Clearance

SO. MANY. ORNAMENTAL. PEARS. πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰ The plant market is currently experiencing an over supply of ornamental pears, it means growers are willing to pass on some pretty amazing savings. One of our growers needs to clear his paddock to grow new plants, so we are helping him out by having a BIG EFF OFF PEAR […]

$2.99 Clearance Sale


We have an awesome range of cottage plants, shrubs and ground covers all under $3. So get in quick, before they run out the door! We’ll see you at the nursery 🌼 1477 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield ☎ (03) 9359 3331 🌴 OPEN EVERYDAY 9am – 5pm 🌞    

Ornamental Pears

Ornamental Pear Sales!

Ornamental pear trees are fast growing, tolerant of most soil types, including heavy and poor soils, and best of all they come in a range of shapes and sizes.Β  Much loved by architects and local councils for their hardiness, Spring blossom, Autumn colour and their screening and wind break abilities.Β  Screen Spacing = Creating a […]

Marvellous Maples

Marvellous Maples

Hello Hello! πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the MAPLE SHOW! πŸ“£πŸ The magical maples have just grown their fresh Spring leaves and are looking ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL 😍 Maples make for a gorgeous feature tree in your yard, with their ever changing seasonal colour, they’re a great choice. Don’t forget, we have hundreds of beautiful, one of a kind […]

Monster Spring Sale

Monster Spring Sale

This time of year, the sun shines down welcome rays of warm light, the blossoms start unfolding on the trees to put on a show and the prices at plant nurseries go up.Β πŸ€‘ Yep, you read that correctly. Because everything is on full show, looking bright and fresh nurseries tend to jack up the price, […]

We Have Some Massive Savings At Our EOFY SALE!!!

BARGAINS, SALES AND CLEARANCE OH MY! As the financial year comes to an end we have been busy little bees here a Hello Hello Plants. We are running around the nursery picking out some juicy bargains just for you! But it can’t last long, it’s all over red rover on 30th June 2018.Β  So get […]

$4.99 Garden Fillers!!

Have a question? Call us on (03) 9359 3331   Katie loved our $4.99 section, she has a huge rockery to fill up and this is her second visit to the Campbellfield store as she buys the plants for her rockery in stages. These small $4.99 plants quickly bush out to fill those gaps and […]

Hello Hello’s – Spring Garden Specials

Portuguese Laurel Hedge For a hardy classic hedge or topiary you can’t go past the Portuguese Laurel. With an inoffensive root system, frost hardy foliage and the ability to withstand harsh dry conditions, it the perfect plant for any troublesome garden. And the best part about the Portuguese Laurel is that almost nothing eats it! […]

Hello Hello – Spring has Sprung!

Here at Hello Hello Plants and garden supplies, we understand that doing up your garden ready for a Spring sale can sometimes be very daunting and you don’t know where to start. Don’t fear! We have come up with the winning formula to get your property looking fabulous for the market and it won’t have […]