Get Bare Rooted!

Winter is our favorite time of year, because while other nurseries slow down, we get geared up for the Bare Rooted season!

Bare Root is where plants are sold out of a pot, with their roots bare. This is made possible by the cool weather and the fact that many plants are semi-dormant in Winter and are happy to be moved around and stored out of a pot.

We love Bare Rooting! That’s because bare rooted plants become 30 – 70% cheaper at this time of year, without the associated cost of pots, soil, transport and storage. Click here to learn more about Bare Rooted plants.

What can be Bare Rooted?

2014-English-Box-SizesENGLISH BOX

English Box is Melbourne’s favourite small formal hedge, and in the Bare Rooted season it’s our top seller!

To kick off the season you can get our “Bigger English Box” which is equivalent to a 6″ pot size for just $1.99 each when you buy 100 or more. That’s over 50% off! Or $2.49 each for quantities less than 100, which is still over 50% off.


Standard Roses and BoxROSES

Roses are another top seller during the Bare Rooted season, as they are available at 25 – 50% off the normal price. For this reason it’s a perfect time to buy your roses or put in a whole rose garden.

Standard (ball-on-a-stick style) Bare Rooted Roses are here! Click here to view the selection.



The Bare Rooted season is a fantastic time to get cut price fruit trees and ornamental trees. Most trees that are deciduous can be Bare Rooted, and you can expect a saving of 50 to 75%. Favourites include Ornamental and Fruiting Pears, Cherries, Apricots, Apples, plus Elms, Ashes, Robinia, Maples and more.

We expect to have an excellent range of Bare Rooted trees ready in 3-4 weeks time.