Buxus ‘English Box’ 8″ Pot

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Buxus sempervirens

English Box is Melbourne’s most popular low hedge or border. It has dense dark green foliage, and when trimmed into a hedge or topiary it has a clearly defined shape. English Box hedges and topiary create a truly traditional formal style garden.

The advantages of English Box hedge and border is that it only requires one or two trimmings per year. It needs very little water and it grows in almost any soil except for a very heavy or poorly drained soils. This slow growing plant grows to approximately 1.5m in height. It is shade tolerant. Plant 5 per meter for a low hedge and 4 per meter for a taller hedge.

8″ pot size.

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Additional information


Buxus sempervirens


Up to 1.2 metres, or trimmed lower


For border: 5 per metre For low border, 3 or 4 per metre For taller hedge


Traditional slower growing neat hedge or border with glossy oval dark green leaves


Full sun to part shade, moist well drained soil


Hedges, borders, topiary, mazes, containers and general garden planting