Angelica Herb


Angelica plants are biennials belonging to the Parsley family. It originated in Northern and Central Europe. In ancient times this plant was considered a powerful protective herb against evil spirits, witchcraft and disease, and in the 17th century it was considered a major medicinal plant. Roots and leaves are used as a digestive stimulant, and the roots and rhizomes are approved by the German Commission E for digestive disturbances including flatulence and mild gastro spasms! The roots, stalks, leaves and flowers are all edible. The stalks are candied for cake decoration, leaves are added to cooked fruit dishes, soups, stews, fish or poultry. The essential oil of the roots and seeds are used as a vanilla like flavouring. This plant can grow up to 1m tall, and prefers a sheltered, semi shaded spot. To survive, this plant requires regular watering in warmer months. And to stop the leaves drying out give them a little spray of water also!!

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