Bambusa ‘True Buddha’s Belly’ Bamboo 8″ Pot


Bambusa ventricosa (Buddha’s Belly) Bamboo

Buddha’s Belly Bamboo is a great bamboo variety for gardens. With shiny, smooth green bamboo stalks that feature bulbous “bellies” at intervals, it stays at a manageable height and is highly ornamental. It’s named for these bulges, not it’s height, and will only grow to 6 meters in ideal conditions.

This bamboo is great as a screen or hedge. It’s important to give Buddhas Belly a good amount of space to grow and to not plant it to close to any fences or buildings, at least 1m away. This bamboo is not to be confused with the ‘Giant Buddha’s Belly’ (B. Vulgaris cv. Wamin).

8″ pot size.

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