Fennel ‘Bronze’


Bronze Fennel is a herbaceous Perennial plant that can grow up to 1.5m tall. It’s a very easy to grow plant, however young plants are frost tender. To produce richer oils and seeds, this plant should be planted in full sun, in well drained soil. It easily self seeds, so deadhead after flowering to keep under control. With its soft bronze foliage and pretty little yellow flowers, this plant is also great as a decorative addition to any garden. Bronze fennel has the same sweet liquorice flavour as the traditional green variety, so can be used in its place in any recipe. The leaves are great with fish, and can be stuffed into the cavity of a whole fish or to wrap fillets. You can also use it to make a stuffing. Another herb that goes well with fennel, is French tarragon. Tarragon having a spicy aniseed kick and fennel a sweeter flavour. You can make a very nice tea from the leaves and seed of bronze fennel. Or milk steeped with this herb can make delicious ice cream, or be used in baking cakes or bread. To harvest the seeds, leave the flower stalks on the plant until the seeds turn from green to brown then hang the seed heads in a paper bag to finish drying out. The seeds are ready when the shake away from the main head easily. The store them in an air tight container away from sunlight.


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