Callistemon ‘Injune’ Bottlebrush



Callistemon Injune is a pink flowering Callistemon that grows to 2-3 meters high, making it a great screening plant or small feature tree. It blooms in spring and often again in summer or autumn, the flowers fading to cream. Like all callistemons, Callistemon Injune is great for attracting birds to the garden.


Additional information

botanical name

Callistemon spp "Injune"

height x width

3m x3m

planting distance

For hedge or screen: 1-1.5m


A profusion of candy pink bottlebrush flowers a few times throughout the year, bird attracting


Full sun to part shade, best in well drained soil but will tolerate dry or poorly drained soils

landscape use

Screening, windbreaks, general garden planting, specimens, bird attractor