Chop Suey Greens ‘Shungiku’ 4″ Pot


Chop Suey Greens ‘Shungiku’ – Glebionis coronaria

Easy to grow, interesting and nutritious, shungiku adds variety and unusual flavours to your food. It comes originally from the Mediterranean, parts of Europe and northern Asia, but is now widely grown and naturalised in the cooler highland tropical regions of South-East Asia, China and Japan. Botanically it used to be called Chrysanthemum coronarium but is now Glebionis coronaria.

This edible chrysanthemum is an annual that grows initially from a single, tender, round stalk with finely-cut, green leaves. If not harvested, the plants will grow to 1m and develop daisy-like yellow flowers over a long period. The flowers are golden yellow in the centre and the pale creamy yellow on the outside. There are several cultivars that vary in leaf shape and size.

4″ Pot size