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Oregano ‘Hot and Spicy’ 3″ Pot


Another member of the oregano family. This plant is a hardy herbaceous perennial, that can grow up to 75cm tall. It produces little pale pink flowers that are loved by bees and butterflies. It loves the sun, midday sun is preferred and prefers well drained, sandy soil. Average amounts of watering are required. It has a a stronger more pungent flavour than other oregano plants. It has been said that the flavours are like a blend of oregano with a mildly spicy chilli. The leaves of this plant can be used fresh or dried, and are a great addition to Mexican dishes, or dishes that have chilli in them. You can also freeze the leaves to preserve them, try freezing them in water in ice cube trays. To use, defrost and let the water drain away, and pat dry with some paper towel. Oregano “hot & spicy” herb plant has oils that were used by ancient Greeks and Egyptians as a body scent after baths. It was also used as a disinfectant and food preservative.

3″ pot size.

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botanical name

"Origanum x Majoricum", or Origanum Vulgare "hot & spicy"