Jade (Fine Leaved)


Portulacaria afra, Money Tree

Jade Succulent is an extremely common plant in Australian gardens and has been for some time. Not only is it easy to grow, you’ll find it’s hardy in most conditions, and really only struggles when over-watered. Preferring a loose draining soil, the Jade Succulent is one of the more resilient succulents when it comes to things like clayey soil. A very attractive addition to any garden!


Additional information

botanical name

Portulacaria afra

height x width

1-1.5m x 1m


Rounded fleshy deep jade-green leaves with contrasting reddish-brown stems


Full sun to light shade in well-drained soil, will handle drought but keep protected from heavy frosts

landscape use

Widely thought to be good luck in Feng Sui and often placed by the front or back door, rockeries, garden beds and pots

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