Pyrus ‘Manchurian’ Ornamental Pear 16″ Pot


Pyrus ussuriensis

Fast growing, very early flowering, dark brown buds begin to open revealing a light pink colour before bursting into a beautiful spring show of white flowers.  The dark green foliage is oval in shape with serrated edges,  Autumn colour is a rich, dark red.

The Manchurian Pear has a straight upright trunk with horizontal branches, making it the very best ornamental pear for pleaching. (Pleaching simplified is growing a trimmed hedge on a tall bear trunk.)

Grows in a dense round shape.

Growth in Melbourne, Victoria –  Height: 7 Meters Width: 6 Meters

16″/40cm pot size.

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Product Description

Ornamental pear trees are fast growing, tolerant of most soil types, including heavy and poor soils, and best of all they come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your landscaping requirements.

Check out our Ornamental Pear Tree Factsheet for more info.

Additional information

botanical name

Pyrus ussuriensis

height x width

5-6m x 3-4m


Attractive shiny foliage that turns spectacular colors of orange-red, reddish-purple and yellow-red, one of the last deciduous tree to shed its leaves early in winter, masses of white flowers are borne in spring


Full sun to part shade in well drained soil

landscape use

Specimen, avenue, street tree, small and medium gardens, can be trimmed or espaliered