Ornamental Pears

Ornamental pear trees are fast growing, tolerant of most soil types, including heavy and poor soils, and best of all they come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your landscaping requirements.

Many varieties are available, and their main difference is their shape. We created the Ornamental Pear Shape-o-Meter as a guide to choosing the right shape ornamental pear for your planting needs.

Ornamental Pear Shape-o-Meter

Here is some more information on our favourite ornamental pear trees available at Chris and Marie’s:

Manchurian Pears

Manchurian pear trees are a larger growing broad spreading tree up to 10m high x 8m wide, these can be planted as single specimens, used as an avenue or driveway planting or clipped to form pleached screens. These pears have brilliant red autumn foliage and glossy green foliage in Spring & Summer and they become covered with small white flowers early Spring.


Everscreen Pear Trees

EverScreen pears (winter glow) are one of the only ornamental pear trees that retain their foliage during the winter months unless they are grown in very cold climates. These pears are excellent for use as hedges and screens, clip them to create a dense leafy canopy and to maintain their height and width, if left unpruned they can grow up to 6m tall and 4m wide.


Cleverland Select Pears

Cleverland select pears (“brand name” Chanticleer) are a medium sized growing tree that form a very even uniform shape if left untrimmed. They are a fast growing tree that have brilliant red autumn colour, deep green Summer foliage and white Spring blossom. These trees can be used as a feature in the garden or planted as an avenue or driveway specimen.


Capital Pears

Capital pears are the narrowest growing of all the ornamental pear trees. These pears look great used to frame entrance ways, multi-planted to create a mini pear tree forest or used as a tall narrow screen that requires little or no maintenance. They develop a small bare trunk at the base which can be used as a feature or under planted to create a dense leafy look in the garden. Plant in full sun to part shade in reasonably well drained soils for optimum growth.