Ophiopogon ‘Dwarf’ Mondo Grass 3″ Pot (Pack of 10)


Ophiopogan japonicas nana

Dwarf Mondo Grass stays compact it’s whole life, no need for trimming!

Create a dense, rich, glossy green border that spreads quickly and has cute, slightly curled leaves. Dwarf Mondo also looks whimsical planted in-between pavers, softening their look.

This plant enjoys being in full sun.

Grows approximately H: 8cm W: 20cm

3″ pot size.

Product Description

Select from Mini Mondo Grass, Tall Mondo Grass or Bongo Borders® Liriope & throw away your shears. The advantage of Mondo Grass and Bongo Borders Liriope is that once they grow to their full height they never grow any taller. You simply choose the right height plant for your needs to create a dense, rich, glossy green border that never needs trimming.

Mini Mondo

Mini Mondo is the most popular Mondo. It spreads quickly & forms a very dense, slightly curly looking, rich green border which will never grow taller than 10cm. Mini Mondo can be planted in front of a low hedge to create a layered effect, or planted as a border around low growing plants that you don’t wish to have dwarfed by your border.

Tall Mondo

Tall Mondo is a finer, straighter leaved Mondo, which grows to a maximum height of 30cm. It spreads quickly and forms a dense evergreen border with a soft look that compliments many gardens, including cottage gardens, lush tropical gardens full of palms, formal gardens & contemporary modern landscapes.

Bongo Borders Liriope

Bongo Borders Liriope are the perfect compliment border & perform like a giant Mondo Grass. Bongo Borders Liriope grow to a maximum height of 90cm. Their rich strap like leaves form a very full and attractive border, which spreads quickly & gives the feeling of luxuriance. Bongo Borders Liriope are a Liriope gigantea (Giant Liriope) that go well with all kinds of garden styles. Use them as a tall to medium border in a series of layered borders.

For more information, view our Mondo Grass factsheet.

Additional information

botanical name

Ophiopogan Japonicas 'Nanus'

planting distance

For border: 8 per metre, note: pots may be divided


Has a soft look that complements cottage garden to lush tropical gardens, formal, contempory and modern landscapes


Full sun to shade, can be planted in most soil types

landscape use

Borders around low growing plants, paths, edges an in front of low hedges to create a layered effect, also looks great planted in and around plants in pots