Allium Cepa ‘Aggregatum’, French shallots

Shallots are a perennial herb in the onion family, but are usually treated as an annual. Australians are often confused about what a shallot is, and sometimes refer to Spring Onions also as shallots. However, the word “shallot” is only used to describe a small bulb with delicate flavour. Shallots differ also from onions, as the base of the shallot composes of about 12 small onion-like bulbs lightly attached together as apposed to regular onions with 1 large bulb. In fact they’re growth habit resembles that of garlic most.

When planting, ensure a sunny position in rich, well drained soil. Harvest just before flowering. Traditionally, it was said to plant shallots on the shortest day of the year, and harvest on the longest day. Shallots can be used in a wide range of ways in the kitchen, then can be added into stews, stirfrys, soups and sauces. Taste pretty delicious raw in salads, or you can pickle them. The choices are endless!

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