Artemisia ‘Silver’ Wormwood 3″ Pot


Artemesia arborescens ‘Silver Wormwood’

Silver Wormwood is a woody, evergreen shrub with silver foliage and yellow flowers.  Wormwood is used in many ways in the kitchen, mostly in French cuisine, however it has a bitter acquired taste. Traditionally for medicinal purposes was made into a tea, usually paired with mint to mask bitter taste. Due to its anti inflammatory and anti histamine properties it has been used to treat dermatitis, allergies, itchiness, asthma, asthmatic bronchitis and hay fever. The essential oil of this plant (used only externally) is used as an insect repellent. Today is used more as decoration in the garden, due to its soft, feathery, silver foliage.

Silver Wormwood can grow up to 1m tall, and is extremely hardy and drought resistant. It prefers a position of full sun in sandy, well drained soil. 3″ pot size.

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