Coastal conditions can vary remarkably; this is why we have included two coastal plant categories. Please go to the Extreme Coastal category if you live right on the beach.

Many plants will thrive in coastal conditions and there are many varieties to choose from. They are easy to care for and have a natural and casual feel. The key to success is proper preparation of the area for maximum performance of the plants, as sandy soil is the main enemy in these conditions. Water and nutrients will drain straight through the soil.


Key Features

  • Silver, blues and grey foliage and flowers, resembling the sea
  • Soft, natural tones: sand, sandstone, rocks, grey timbers, driftwood
  • Often resembles the randomisation of a cottage garden
  • Low growing, shapely shrubs (often dwarf varieties) with a select few structural feature trees



Quite low as the Coastal garden needs to be able to handle the harsh conditions of the coast at all times. The sandy soil and wind are the two biggest issues near the coast as the soil allows all water and nutrients to drain away rapidly and the wind dries the plants out whilst pushing them around a lot, which can weaken their roots and branches.



Shovel, secateurs, loppers, shears, hose, watering can, gardening gloves