Australia enjoys an astonishing range of unusual and beautiful plants. The Australian native garden gathered momentum and was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, but because of lack of understanding and planning many of these gardens grew too big, thus bringing down their popularity for a time. Now with better understanding, design and an amazing range of exciting new cultivars including dwarf varieties of flowering shrubs and groundcovers available, anyone can enjoy and Australian native garden.

Key Features

  • An assortment of Eucalyptus, Grevilleas, Callistemons and grasses
  • Organised randomisation, akin to a Cottage garden
  • Varying layers – groundcovers, low shrubs, medium shrubs and clusters of or a singular feature tree
  • Logs, stones, rusted metal sculptures
  • Dry rock river bed with reeds, frog ponds and bird baths
  • Crushed rock or euky mulch paths meandering through shrubbery



Being made up of hardy native Australian plants, this garden style is a very low maintenance garden. Natives generally require low phosphorous fertiliser as the Australian soil has very little phosphorous in it. Otherwise, natives will thrive in their native soil. Prune plants as you see fit. Some prefer a neat garden, others enjoy ruggedness, it’s up to you.



Gardening gloves. shovel, garden fork, loppers, secateurs, pick (for tough, clay soils), hose

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