If you like the feel of waking up in a tropical paradise surrounded by lush foliage and colour, then you will be happy to know there are many beautiful tropical style plants which will thrive in the cooler, temperate climate of Victoria.

The tropical garden blends many cultures and traditions together giving a lush, diverse and spectacular sight. Crowding many different, contrasting, vibrant coloured plants together mimic cool, dense tropical forests.


Key Features

  • Lots of lush, leafy foliage, particularly colourful and broad leaved plants
  • Splashes of vibrant colour
  • Water and moisture created by misters, sprinklers and water features
  • Canopy plants creating cool, dark jungle-like walkways and rooms
  • Green walls, bamboo, dark wood edging and Balinese furniture.



Medium to high maintenance in Victoria unless you have an automatic watering system. Tropical gardens come from humid climates and will require a lot of water.



Hose, sprinkler or misters, shovel, garden fork, pruning saw (for palms and birds of paradise), secateurs, gardening gloves