EverScreen Ornamental Pear

Everscreen Ornamental Pear

EverScreen, the Evergreen Ornamental Pear, combines hardiness, fast growth, compact size and lush glossy foliage.

At last, an ornamental pear that has all the features such as hardiness, fast growth, compact size, and lush glossy foliage that make the ornamental pear such a popular choice in Melbourne gardens. Unlike other ornamental pears that drop leaves for four months of the year, the EverScreen Ornamental Pear retains its leaves throughout the winter months. EverScreen Ornamental Pear has an upright pyramidal shape. This is combined with the year-round foliage that makes it the best pear to select as a tall fast-growing screen.




EverScreen Ornamental Pears withstand windy sites, periodic drought, extreme heat, and poor to average soil.

Ornamental pear trees are one of the most popular screening specimens and avenue trees in Melbourne. This is because as well as being fast-growing, they are able to withstand windy sites, periodic drought, extreme heat, and poor to average soil. At the same time, they are very attractive, having a compact final size, lovely glossy summer foliage, spring blossom, and as with most varieties of ornamental pears, attractive autumn color.





Ornamental pears grow in a very uniform size and shape when a row of the same variety is planted and they are very easy to trim and shape making them ideal for pleaching¹ or hedging.



In terms of care it is important to plant ornamental pears into a well drained hole and water, fertilise and maintain the area around the base free of weeds. There are almost no pests or diseases for ornamental pears, the only other maintenance is trimming or shaping.

EverScreen OrnEverscreen Ornamental Pearamental Pear will go fairly deciduous if planted in an area with persistent extreme frost but in the comparatively mild Melbourne region, it remains evergreen. EverScreen Ornamental Pear develops a few red leaves in the middle of winter and these stay on whilst the new foliage and blossom burst so in the mid of Melbourne winter there is an attractive and unusual display of red leaves, new green leaves, and white blossom all at once. In Spring and Summer, the only way to tell an EverScreen Ornamental Pear from another ornamental pear is that the summer foliage is denser and a little finer than other varieties. The difference is so slight it would take a nurseryman to spot the difference.

Ornamental Pears are available in 8” pots and 12” pots. EverScreen Ornamental Pear is not available as a bare rooted specimen as it never becomes dormant enough to bare root. Instead, they are available as a potted line. When you plant any ornamental pear, don’t expect too much growth in the first season but once established with good watering and fertilizing and sun they are capable of 2-3 meters of growth in their second year.

EverScreen Ornamental Pear has been selected and trialed as the best ornamental pear for Melbourne conditions by Chris Lucas and EverScreen Ornamental Pear is exclusive to Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies.

When trees have their lower branches removed to reveal a smooth clean trunk and their canopies clipped to form a hedge.