Canna Lily ‘Dwarf Tropical Yellow’ 8″ Pot


Canna x generalis

Tropical Yellow is a bright yellow variety of Dwarf Canna Lily with deep green foliage. Canna Lilies are lush flowering plants that come in a fantastic range of flower and foliage colour. They look great mass planted and give a tropical feel to the garden, while growing almost anywhere in Australia. The Canna Lily flowers in Summer and Autumn, and dwarf varieties grow to about 1m tall. This plant will die back in winter but reshoots in spring.

Canna Lilies are hardy once established, with a bulbous root system that stores water for hard times. However they do like rich soil and are happy in boggy wet areas. They have a clumping habit and will multiply over time. Also happy in large pots.

8″ pot size.

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