Nerium Oleander ‘Dr Golfin’ 6” Pot


Nerium oleander ‘Madoni Grandiflorum’ (Pink Oleander)

Nerium oleander is a bushy, evergreen shrub that grows thickly and quickly in almost any conditions.  It has long, slim leaves and bright, star-shaped, open, pink flowers. Its dense bushy fast-growing nature lends itself well to hedging – but ensure you plant rows of the same variety as they have different foliage characteristics.

The Oleander has suffered from poor press over the years and that is a great shame for it is a tough beautiful shrub which should come into to its own in these new drought filled years. The plants easily cope by the seaside, not seeming to be worried with salt laden air; in arid hot conditions, and even where the drainage is poor.

CAUTION: It is poisonous nature, containing glycocytes, which means that animals won’t touch it – but it takes large quantities to poison humans – and it tastes so awful you’d have to be determined or raving mad! There are no recorded cases of serious poisoning for humans.
Approx 2-3m h+w

6” pot

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Nerium oleander ‘Dr Golfin’ (Pink Oleander)

Dr Golfin prefers full sun but will tolerate some shade. Once established they need no extra watering, surviving through the toughest of droughts and the hottest of summers (it can even cope with reflected heat from buildings), as well as surviving through cold winters and the occasional frost.
Approx 2-3m h+w

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