Common Names: Glossy abelia
Origin: Eastern Asia, Mexico

  • Masses of bell-shaped white flowers
  • Colourful foliage
  • Perfect for pots & containers


Abelia are a time-honoured cottage shrub, loved for its beautiful show of bell-shaped flowers, small, glossy green foliage, and dense habit. There are some new varieties with foliage of a different colour, variegated or produce a red leaf that gets deeper as the temperature gets cooler. They make ideal potted or container plants, low to medium hedges or as a flowery garden filler. 


Plant Type: Shrub

Uses: Feature, Hedging

Garden Types: Cottage, Pots & Containers



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Sun Requirements: Prefers a full sun or part shade position

Water Requirements: Water regularly until established. Once established they are drought-hardy.

Soil Requirements: Prefers moist, well drained loamy soil. Will tolerate sand and clay soils 

Fertilizing: Slow Release general-purpose fertilizer in spring and summer. Not required once established unless soil lacks nutrients

Pruning: Late winter to early spring. It can also be trimmed during cooler periods in summer to keep its form

Tolerances: Drought, sun and light frost. Doesn’t tolerate hard freezes. 

Diseases: Disease and pest resistant



Key Features

Hello Hello Plants Melbourne Australia Abelia Variety Size Chart


Flower: Bell shaped, white with a pink tinge and lightly fragrant

Hello Hello Plants Melbourne Australia Dwarf Abelia Flower   


Foliage: Dark to light green with red tinge in the autumn. Some varieties are variegated, glossy or have a mixed colour of yellows, oranges, reds, purples and greens.

    Abelia 'Sparkling Silver' @ Hello Hello Plants


Edible: The Chinese variety, Abelia chinensis, has edible flowers

Toxicity: No known toxicity

Attracts: Bees