Daisy Spray Erigeron

The best form of Australia’s most popular landscape plant, the Seaside Daisy.

Daisy Spray Erigeron is the best form of Australia’s most popular landscape plant, the Seaside Daisy. It will quickly and easily grow to cover large areas or difficult sites as a colourful hardy, low maintenance flowering groundcover.

Daisy Spray Erigeron is a superior form of the Seaside Daisy, Erigeron karvinskianus, that will grow into a compact mound 60 cm in diameter and 40 cm tall. Daisy Spray Erigeron retains its compact shape & dosen’t self-sow and spread throughout the garden. Daisy Spray Erigeron’s soft pink & white daisy flowers are borne in a densely massed profusion for most of the year.

Standard roses underplanted with Daisy Spray.


Daisy Spray Erigeron can be mass planted as a groundcover and looks great interplanted with a mixture of perennial plants to create a cottage style landscape. Daisy Spray Erigeron can be used to create flowering borders or used planted under standard roses & weeping trees. It is ideal as a hardy colourful plant for pots or hanging baskets. Plant one Daisy Spray Erigeron per pot, for pots larger than 30cm plant a number to quickly fill your pots or baskets with flowering colour.

A Daisy Spray border will survive in poorer conditions.

Planting & Care:

Daisy Spray Erigeron thrives in hot sun to light shade, the poorest soils and requires a minimum of water. For rapid establishment, plant into a well cultivated bed, fertilise with a slow release fertiliser such as Devotion Time Release Fertiliser and water regularly. Reapply fertiliser around your Daisy Spray Erigeron every three months. Mulching around your plants is beneficial, a 5cm thick layer of composted pine bark will reduce weeds and the amount of water required to grow a beautiful Daisy Spray Erigeron landscape.

Plant 4 plants per meter square for rapid groundcover and 3 plants per meter to quickly establish Daisy Spray Erigeron borders.