Strappy flax accents curves in the garden with its bold outline.

The Phormium family of flaxes originated in New Zealand, and are often called “New Zealand Flax”. They are very hardy and have strap like arching foliage in a great range of different colours from bronze, purple, pink, red, yellow, green and numerous multi-coloured varieties. Flaxes come in a range of different sizes, the smallest being around 60cm, and the tallest 2 metres.

Flaxes prefer heavy well-drained soil and don’t like a lot of water. They are cold and frost tolerant and grow fine in coastal conditions. Flaxes are low maintenance and are ideal for rockeries, formal or informal landscaping and are great potted and patio plants.

Plant Flaxes in full sun to part shade and fertilize with Devotion™ Time Release fertilizer every 6 months.

Flax Varieties

Here are some of the varieties we have to choose from at Hello Hello Plants.

Bronze Baby


Yellow Wave


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Bold dark reddish brown foliage. Grows up to 1 metre. A multitude of colours with reds to Autumn tonings of pink, yellow, and green. Grows up to 1 metre. Very attractive variegated sword like leaves striped yellow and green. Grows 1-1.3 metres. Jester is a beautiful feature flax with a mix of crimson red and jade foliage. Grows to 90cm.


Surfer Boy


Rainbow Sunrise

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Tufts of sword like upright green leaves. Grows to 90cm. Green with bronze red twisted leaves of finer appearance. Grows to 70cm. Fine curling and arching purple green leaves with red margins, very striking. Grows to 50-70cm. Bronze red foliage with pink variegations, delicate upright spreading habit. Grows to 1 metre.


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Tufts of sword shaped stiff olive green leaves. Grows to 2 metres.