• Excellent border and edging plant
  • Evergreen grass-like nature with perfumed flower spikes
  • Tolerant of a range of temperatures




This lush, grass like plant can be used in a variety of applications making it a very popular choice amongst horticulturalists and gardeners alike.  It is used for borders, pots, gardener fillers and even as a substitute for lawn with some dwarf varieties.


Liriope MuscariLiriope is an evergreen perennial, grass-like plant with glossy spear-shaped leaves. Leaf colour is generally a dark green although some variegated and silvery varieties are available. Spikes with clusters of perfumed bell-shaped flowers appear during late summer and early autumn. The flowers can vary from a delicate lavender shade to blue/purple, pink, or white, contrasting beautifully with the deep green of the foliage.
Plants grow to approximately 30cm to 1m in height and similar width, and display a neat dense habit.


The neat, dense nature of the plants offers a stunning show mass-planted under trees and along roadsides. Its general toughness means it can bounce back from some heavy treatment and it makes an attractive potted plant or edging to highlight a specimen tree or shrub.


Garden Types

    • Balcony
    • Coastal
    • Courtyard
    • Cottage
    • Forest Green
    • Formal
    • Hampton
    • Low Maintenance
    • Mediterranean
    • Modern
    • Poolside
    • Pots & Containers
    • Rockeries


Plant Care

Liriope is suitable for a variety of soil types from sandy to clay. It can tolerate full sun, though partial shade will produce lush growth. It is also frost and drought tolerant depending on the variety planted.
The plants would appreciate regular watering, but do not need to be soaked. Some seaweed fertiliser can be given if leaves are yellowing, and occasional slow-release fertiliser added every few months.
Beware of slugs and snails which hide in the foliage and can strip leaves of their tissue. Spraying with a suitable product is recommended (beware of children and pets).
Propagation is by division in early spring or seed in autumn.


This delightful easy-care plant has so many wonderful uses in the garden. The strap-like foliage is a beautiful foil for the clusters of aromatic flowers. Tough and climate-tolerant this neat, attractive plant can adorn any corner of your property and complete your garden design.

Available varieties of Liriope

Liriope ‘Big Blue’
H: 30cm W: 30-45 cm
Dark green arching leaves, small violet-purple flower spikes, followed by black berries


Liriope ‘Amethyst’
H: 40cm W: 40 cm
Small plant with deep purple flowers


Liriope ‘Elmarco’
H: 30cm W: 60cm
Dark green glossy leaves and purple flowers.
Tolerates dry conditions


Liriope ‘Evergreen Giant’
H: 70cm W: 60cm
Longer glossy arching leaves, violet-purple flowers in Spring and Summer.
Tolerates high-traffic


Liriope ‘Monroe White’
H: 40cm W: 40cm
Dark green leaves and white flower spikes.
Fast-growing and rugged. Non-spreading ground cover. Suits partial sunlight


Liriope ‘Pink Pearl’
H: 25cm W: 25cm
Variegated with soft pink flowers
Borders, rockeries and mass plantings. Drought and frost tolerant and, when established, wet conditions.


Liriope ‘Royal Purple’
H: 30-40cm W: 60cm
Green, wide strappy leaves and deep purple flowers followed by black berries.
Low maintenance, medium water, full sun to partial shade.


Liriope ‘Big Blue Lilyturf’
H 30-40 cm W 30-40 cm
Tough evergreen with violet/purple flower spikes, followed by black berries.
Well drained, moist soil in full sun or shelter.


Liriope ‘Isabella’
H: 40cm W: 50cm
Spreading, compact plant with purple flowers. Can be used as a grass substitute.
Tolerates most climactic conditions and soil types.


Liriope ‘Just Right’
H: 50cm W: 50cm
Consistent Height. Suitable for mass plantings and roadsides in sandy or clay soils. Highly heat and frost tolerant. Mulch well.


Liriope ‘Samantha’
H: 45cm W: 50cm
Ideal landscaping plant. Plant between pavers or to suppress weeds. Full sun or shade. Spreading.


Liriope ‘Silver Lawn’
H: 35cm W: 40cm
Soft cream and green variegated leaves. Silvery from a distance. Small white flower spikes. Previously known as Silverstar.
Great as a feature planted with other contrasting plants.


Liriope ‘Stripey White’
H: 60cm W: 60cm
Delicate and cream and green variegated leaves, silvery at a distance. Purple flowers late spring to summer. Plant as a contrast to other plants. Sunlight, partial shade and well-drained soil.


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