Raspberries are one of the most popular berry fruits grown in Australia. They grow especially well in Victoria and Tasmania.


Raspberries need a well-worked soil, in an area with protection from strong winds and afternoon sun.

The plants also dislike ground that is too wet. The soil should be prepared beforehand with manure and or fertiliser; this area also needs to be kept clear of weeds.


The canes should be planted from July to September, and set out 1 to 1.25 metres apart in straight rows. They need to be dug 15 cm deep into the ground and 2-3 canes can be planted into the same hole. During the first season it is better to produce strong canes and pick the fruit the second season.

After a couple of seasons the plants may produce excessive suckers which should be cut back by hand.

The seasons in Victoria will mean the plants will need to be watered from December onwards, at least weekly, even when the picking is finished.

This keeps the canes healthy and with some varieties ensures a second picking season.


Flowers will appear on the canes in mid-October, and the fruit will be ready to pick from mid-December for roughly 4 weeks until the end of January. You can pick the berries every 3-4 days. They are also a great berry to freeze.

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