Silver Dicondra

Go Silver Dicondra for a low maintenance lawn.

Since the dawn of lawns man has dreamed of one he doesn’t have to mow. He would go out to the shed to find the 2 stroke, take 10 goes to get the mower fired up, dodge the danger of sticks and rocks flying out and breathe in all the puffs of smoke! Now you can send your old mower to the tip with Silver Dicondra.

Silver Dicondra is hardy and fast growing and has become one of the most popular plants in North America. The small kidney shaped leaves are silver in colour and glisten in the sun, giving a fantastic colour contrast plant for your garden.

Dicondra “Silver Falls” Foliage.

Silver Dicondra is very trendy and looks great planted with foliage accent plants such as Yucca, Agave, Flax, Cordyline and polished river pebbles. It will stay low and hug the ground meaning it will never have to be mown. A few stepping stones throughout the lawn gives a great effect and helps to prevent damage from constant foot traffic. Silver Dicondra is also great planted in hanging baskets and planter pots where it can cascade over the side.

Never Has to be Mown

For a small or odd bit of land or even a large area, Silver Dicondra is a great economical alternative to lawn. Plant Silver Dicondra in full sun to light shade in well-drained soils. It does not like to be over-watered or planted in areas of heavy frost. Do not plant in areas where the temperatures go below –3°c. Silver Dicondra is suitable for metro and coastal areas around Melbourne.

For best results thoroughly weed the area before planting and mix through Devotion™ Complete Garden Bed Mix and fertilise regularly with a liquid fertiliser such as Devotion™ Liquid Leaf and Stem food.

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