Growing Citrus Trees

Eureka lemon treeCitrus trees can be grown in pots, planters or garden beds and love to be planted in hot sunny positions. They love to be clipped and shaped into balls, squares and cones, which lends them to being planted in both formal and informal garden styles. Citrus trees produce small white flowers in the Spring and Summer months, which is followed by their fruit. They have attractive glossy green aromatic foliage and are great planted in pairs, rows or inter-planted with other trees and shrubs.

Citrus Planting & Care

When planting Citrus in the ground the key to growing strong, healthy plants is to mound them up. We recommend incorporating 20% of our fertilized potting mix, with 80% of your parent soil. Citrus love to be planted in a very rich mound of compost and require good drainage. To create a rich mound incorporate good quality household compost, which includes eggshells, vegetable scrapes, & steel wool. Cultivate a circle 4-5ft wide free of grass and weeds; gradually mound this area up with your compost. Keep the compost away from the base of your tree.

Citrus will grow best in a site that is protected from strong winds. Grow your Citrus in the full sun; lemons will grow in part shade. When growing Citrus in a pot it is best to plant them into a large half wine barrel or large plastic pot for long term growth.

When you purchase your Citrus it will be growing in a pot or a plastic bag. Gently slide the plant out of its pot or carefully cut the bag away from the rootball. Do not tease or tickle the plants roots. Rapid plant death can occur when a plants roots are teased or tickled particularly during the warm summer months. Teasing plants roots disrupts the plants ability to draw up adequate moisture and plant death can occur within three days after potting or planting.

Use Devotion™ Time Release Fertiliser every three months on your plants in pots and garden beds.