Agave attenuata


Chris with a big Agave!

  • Hardy, robust foliage
  • Suitable for pots, planters & garden beds
  • Beautiful feature plant


If you’re in need of a feature plant with a difference, the Agave makes a bold statement in any garden. Its versatility makes it a common garden favourite and a must have for any low maintenance gardener.


AgavesThis native Mexican plant forms rosettes of soft-fleshy succulent-like green leaves and can be trimmed to form a long, strong trunk or kept low to the ground. They can grow just over 1m wide in diameter when planted in the soil, often smaller in size when kept in a pot.


Agave Attenuata

Agave attenuata

Agave are often used as a feature, potted plant in exposed positions or a lush, low-maintenance filler. They create contrasts when planted with slender grasses, such as Mondo Grass or Liriope or amongst rocks and pebbles.

They’re also ideal for the Melbourne Tropical look. Where humid-loving tropical plants would perish in the Melbourne climate, the Agave creates the tropical look without the stress and maintenance of a true tropical plant.


Garden types

  • Modern
  • Tropical
  • Meditteranean
  • Low Maintenance
  • Coastal
  • Pots & Containers
  • Balcony

    Modern Landcape with Agave, Yucca & Bird of Paradise.


Agave are one of the easiest plants to establish and maintain. They grow in full sun to shade in most soil types. Agave are best grown in reasonably well drained soils and love to be watered regularly, once a week to once a fortnight. They will still thrive in periods of dryness and tolerate exposed sites such as balconies, driveways and verandas. Agave need protection from frost.

For strong healthy growth, fertilise your plants every 3 months with a slow release fertiliser. If planting into pots, use Debco Cacti & Succulent Mix

So from modern to low maintenance, tropical to the desert look, the Agave is one of the most versatile plants to have in any garden.