Weeping Maples


Crimson Queen Weeping Maple in summer.

Weeping Maples originated in Japan, where Buddhist monks collected Maples from the forest that had beautiful forms and propagated them in the gardens of their monasteries. These Maples were bred and developed over hundreds of years, into the beautiful red leafed Maples that we know today.

From the turn of the century shiploads of exotic plants were imported from Japan and planted into Melbourne gardens. Australian nurserymen have propagated from these maples the ones we have today.

It takes 5-20 years to make a good weeping maple. It takes 3-10 years to grow the ordinary wild Japanese Maple, which is pruned, then grafted, with the weeping head. Then it takes another 3-10 years to grow a beautiful head. The whole process is a skilled craft and the resultant weeping Maple is a work of art.

There are only 10-15 nurserymen who produce weeping Maples and none of them produce more than a few hundred good specimens a year. Consequently Japanese Maples are always in short supply.

If you wish to purchase a large pot to plant your Maple in or help designing your garden or courtyard around a beautiful Red weeping Maple, we can help with that too.


Marie shows off a stunner from our current batch of Weeping Maples.

Australia’s most skilled and artistic Maple propagator has consigned 100 of his best big Maples to us, to sell, over the next few months. We have marked them all down by 30%, to put beautiful Maples in everybody’s reach. We also have 100 Maples in 6″ pots at 2-3ft in height for $27.00-$35.00ea and further 100 weeping Maples in an 8″ pots for $45.00 – $55.00.


Weeping Maples are easy to grow; they prefer a sheltered spot, with a deep loose soil. They do well in dappled shade or afternoon shade.

Japanese Maples do well in large pots and can form the centrepiece of patios and courtyards. Because they grow very slowly and never get much taller than when you purchase them, they are the very best tree for growing in a confined area. They look great in formal style gardens, ultra modern gardens, cottage gardens, and Japanese style gardens. They are the most versatile of trees. All they need is a regular watering and fertilizing to flourish in pots or garden beds.


Choose your Maple on the web site and telephone to order, pay for your Maple, then arrange to have it delivered for an additional $34.50, or pick it up from the nursery. If you are buying one for a pot, choose one with a shorter trunk, as a large pot can make a tall weeping Maple look too tall once planted in the pot.

Forked Maples are ideal for planting where a very wide thick head is required.


Acer Palmatum dissectum – Inaba Shidare – This is a very strong growing Maple. In 3-4 years it’s head will grow to a size that other varieties take 10-15 years to grow. It is more sun and wind hardy than others. In spring, the foliage emerges deep purple-red before turning crimson in autumn.

Bronze – this is a hardy vigorous variety of weeping Maple, in spring , foliage is brilliant purple red, summer foliage is bronze and in autumn turns a brilliant orange.

Ever Red – is a vigorous weeping Maple with a more horizontal habit. In spring the fine foliage is purple, with a silvery halo of silken hairs, creating a wonderful contrast. In autumn the leaves turn bright red before falling.

Crimson Queen – This is a slow growing Maple, ideal where a very compact tree is required. Brilliant bright red in spring turning crimson in summer and scarlet in outer foliage is extra small and fine.