Bare Rooted Plants and Trees

“HELLO HELLO! It’s time to get BARE ROOTED!” Many people believe this is the catch cry of a slightly demented and possibly warped nurseryman – Chris from HelloHello. Maybe they’re not wrong, but there’s a little more to it.

Every year when the cold Autumn rains come to the Dandenongs, the nurserymen start digging trees, shrubs, box hedging, roses, berries and fruits trees and vines from the fields. These plants are shaken free of soil, and their roots are kept moist by tucking them into moist potting mix. This horticultural tradition has been carried on by nurserymen for thousands of years, essentially because their was no plastic pots or high quality potting mix available in the old days.

A Farmer with Bare Root Fruit Trees

A Farmer with Bare Root Fruit Trees

In this day and age bare rooted has major advantages for the modern consumer, as the cost of growing and holding plants in the field is much cheaper than growing them in pots. As a result customers get bigger plants at less cost bare rooted than they would at other times.

E.g: In Summer the big stores sell 3ft std roses in 8” Pots for $39.90, but right now we’ve got a big range of thousands in many colours for just $16.90!

A 6ft Weeping Cherry Blossom costs around $100.00 in Summer in a pot. Bare rooted we’ve got 5 varieties, 6ft tall for $39.90 each!

Most stores sell a bushy 10” tall English Box plant in a 6” Pot for around $7.00, but right now the same size English Box can be purchased bare rooted at the home of Bare Root, HelloHello for only $2.50! As English Box needs to be planted at 4-5 per metre for a dense hedge or border, this is a significant saving.

Chris started selling bare rooted plants from his backyard 40 years ago. These days his bare rooted sale is arguably the biggest in Australia and people come from interstate all over Victoria and across Melbourne to get bare rooted, at HelloHello! For Chris, dealing with all the growers from the hills and handling the range of interesting and hard to find plants is a passion that goes beyond making a quid.

The art of tucking in and wrapping bare rooted plants properly has been lost in many nurseries and Chris intends to preserve the bare rooted tradition for many years to come. So Hello Hello come and get bare rooted!!

Bare Rooted Plants Now For Sale!

Bare Rooted Weeping Cherries

Bare Rooted English Box

Bare Rooted Roses


Standard Roses for $9.90Climbing-Roses

Bare Rooted Ornamental Pear Trees

Bare Rooted Ornamental Trees

Bare Rooted Apples

Bare Rooted Fruiting Cherries

Bare Rooted Nectarines

Bare Rooted Apricots

Bare Rooted Peaches

Bare Rooted Plums

Bare Rooted Fruiting Pears

Bare Rooted Nuts

All varieties are available until stocks last this season. Now is the perfect time to get plants on the cheap! Come and visit us at the nursery in Campbellfield at 1477 Sydney Rd, or shop online and take advantage of our Metro Melbourne and Regional Victorian Delivery.