Silver Sheen Pittosporums Only $14.90!!!

Silver Sheen Pittosporums are perfect for creating a quick privacy solution. Growable just about anywhere and will tolerate just about any kind of condition (frost included), the silver sheen pittosporum is one of the best all rounders for making a hedge, border or even topiary if you wish.

Get them quick while you can cause at this price they will definitely not last long. This is the cheapest they’ve been since the 1970s!!!

Call: (03) 9359 3331

Visit: 1477 Sydney Rd Campbellfield



Standard Barerooted Roses available now!

From only $14.90 Each!!!

Order now to get Bare rooted standard roses from only $14.90 each Call (03) 9359 3331

click here to see all the varieties available.

Yes thats right! The Standard Bare rooted Roses are available right now from our store. Plenty of fantastic Icebergs and many other colours are available. The varieties available for purchase in store are:

Joyfullness Bare Rooted Rose
Angel Face Bare Rooted Rose
Apricot Bare Rooted Rose
Bella Rosa Bare Rooted Rose
Black Beauty Bare Rooted Rose
Black Velvet Bare Rooted Rose
Blue Moon Bare Rooted Rose
Bonica Bare Rooted Rose
Bridal Bare Rooted Rose
Brilliant Pink Iceberg Bare Rooted Rose
Burgendy Iceberg Bare Rooted Rose
Camp David Bare Rooted Rose
Candy Stripe Bare Rooted Rose
Charle Du Guile Bare Rooted Rose
Double Delight Bare Rooted Rose
Europeanna Bare Rooted Rose
Just Joey Bare Rooted Rose
Kardinal Bare Rooted Rose
Kings Ransom Bare Rooted Rose
La Sevillana Bare Rooted Rose
Lili Marlene Bare Rooted Rose
Michelangelo Bare Rooted Rose
Mr Lincoln Bare Rooted Rose
Papa Meiland Bare Rooted Rose
Peace Bare Rooted Rose
Perfume Delight Bare Rooted Rose
Pierre De Ronsard Bare Rooted Rose
Princess De Monaco Bare Rooted Rose
Queen Elizabeth Bare Rooted Rose
Red Pierre De Ronsard Bare Rooted Rose
Seduction Bare Rooted Rose
Shocking Blue Bare Rooted Rose
Tamango Bare Rooted Rose

 Bare Rooted Silver Birch only $2.99 each!!

Whether a modern setting or an old fashioned setting, classic garden or a modern garden Silver Birches always look amazing! 

Over the years they’ve probably become one of the most popular trees in Melbourne.

Get them Bare Rooted now for only $2.99 each!! Buy in store 1477 Sydney Rd Campbellfield

Or call (03) 9359 3331


Gorgeous Senkaki Maples

Gorgeous Senkaki Maples

The Japanese Senkaki Maple is the only Maple which provides beautiful vibrant colour all year round with it’s bright coloured bark. Commonly known as Coral Bark Maple, and fittingly so. The Senkaki Maple is a beautiful small tree and is one of the best examples of a Japanese Maple, providing your garden with a lovely centre piece and vase shape. Growing approximately 5-6m wide and high the Senkaki Maple give a great show.

Year round, light green foliage appears in Spring then turns to classic autumn tones. As the leaves start to fall the stems of the trees turn to a “fire engine red” colour for winter.

This superb tree makes a wonderful feature in any sheltered spot in the garden.

And right now we have our BEST Senkaki Maple deal ever!!! (Check out the picture with Chris surrounded by them)

6ft tall Senkaki Maples in 16” pots for only $219.90 ea. yes that’s right, that’s more than half price. But you gotta be quick, because at this price they must be ordered in especially. Call (03) 9359 3331 to order yours today!!

Acer palmatum 'Sango kaku'

Gazania EOFR copy Lilacs EOFR copy
Assorted Coulourful Gazanias in 6” pots were $7.90 ea – Now $3.90 ea Assorted Lilac colours in 8″ pot were $29.90 ea – Now $9.90 ea
Weeping Mulberry EOFR copy Yucca EOFR copy
Weeping Elms in 12” pots were $69.90 ea – Now $19.90 ea Huge Yucca Sculptures in 12″ Pots were $29.90 ea – Now $14.90 ea
Eng Box 3%22 EOFR copy Celtic Cascade EOFR copy
English Box in 3” pots were $2.50 ea -Now $0.99C ea Weeping Celtic Cascades in 10” pots were $79.90 ea – Now $39.90 ea
English Box EOYR copy Eucalyptus EOFR copy
35cm tall Bare Rooted English Box only $2.50 ea or $2.20 50 or more Assorted Eucalyptus Trees in 16″ pots were $69.90 ea  Now $29.90 ea
Lilly Pilly EOFR copy Magnolia Little Gem EOFR copy
Lilly Pilly Acmena Smithii in 12″ potswere $89.90 ea – Now $49.90 ea Little Gem Magnolia in 10″ pots were $79.90 ea – Now $49.90 ea
Celtic Cascade EOFR copy Bird of Paradise EOFR copy
Silver Sheen Pittosporums in 6” pots were $7.90 ea – Now $4.99 ea Bird of paradise Reginae in 7″ pots were $29.90 ea – Now $19.90 ea
Red Cordy EOFR copy Std Roses EOFR copy
Red Cordylines in 8” pots were $29.90 ea – Now $6.99 ea 2ft Assorted Standard Roses in 8” pots were $24.90 ea – Now $9.90 ea