Semi Trailer Bonanza!!

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Semi Trailer Clearance 2

We have a whole semi load of plants coming from up north direct from the grower and it is absolutely FULL with lush and vibrant evergreens and colours! This truck will be delivering everything you could possibly need to make your garden look fabulous, from bushy hedging and screening to beautiful flowers and colours. Check out our specials below and grab a bargain!


See the massive selection of fresh specials straight off the Semi Trailer this week – CLICK HERE

Mondo Grass Banner

Mondo Grass Button Pic 3

  • Tough and versatile
  • Plant in borders or between pavers1
  • Can be walked on by pets and humans!!

Check out 3” potted Mondo Grass only $2.99 each – CLICK HERE

Gardenia Florida Banner

Gardenia Florida Button Pic

  • Beautifully scented
  • Prolific flowering
  • Great for low landscaping

Get your 6” potted Gardenia Florida only $7.99 each – CLICK HERE

Fiddle Leaf Fig Banner

Fiddle Leaf Fig Button Pic 2

  • Great in pots
  • Happy growing indoors
  • Lush green foliage

Check out 7” pot Fiddle Leaf Fig for only $29.99 each – CLICK HERE

Aussie Southern Banner

Aussie Southern Button Pic

  • Perfect for creating privacy
  • Fast growing
  • Lush evergreen foliage

Get your 5ft tall Aussie Southern Lilly Pilly in 10″ pots for only $39.99 each – CLICK HERE



  • Icebergs and coloured varieties available
  • Perfect for adding colour to the garden
  • Landscaping made easy

Check out the selection of Standard Roses starting from $17.90 each – CLICK HERE


Chris Eng Box Crazy Price 5

  • Create beautiful hedges and borders
  • Many varieties to choose from
  • Perfect for any garden type


Check out the selection of Box and Border specials – CLICK HERE



  • Super effective for hedging
  • Quick Growing
  • Everygreen and hardy!

Order yours now!! 5ft tall Silver Sheen Pittosporums in 10” pots only $11.99 each – BUY HERE

Capital Pear Banner 2

Capital Pear Button Pic 2

  • Beautiful seasonal colours
  • Provide excellent privacy
  • Landscape favourite
  • Our growers have surplus supply of Capital Pears at 3ft tall so we’re selling them cheap! 

And at this price they’re flying out the door! Get in quick to secure some of these exceptional trees at this absolutely insanely low price.

Order yours now!! 3ft Capital Pears in 8” pots only $19.99 each – BUY HERE

Box Leaf Privot Banner

Box Leaf Privot Button Pic

  • Great for hedging and low borders
  • Fast growing
  • drought and frost tolerant

For a fast growing box hedge that is versatile and hardy, you can’t go past the Box Leaf Privet. This attractive border plant is drought, salt AND frost tolerant and will grow in both full sun or part shade. It is a fantastic alternative that will look just as good if not better than the English Box.

Get your Box Leaf Privet now!!

3 sizes to choose from:

3” pot $1.99 – BUY HERE

6” pot $4.99 – BUY HERE

8” pot $10.99 – BUY HERE


Red Fountain Grass Button Pic 2

  • Cheap for landscaping
  • Add a purple splash of colour
  • Young, vigorous and establish quickly

Get yourself some Red Fountain Grass now – CLICK HERE