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Free Weeping Birch or Jacaranda

Spend over $500 or more and get a Weeping Silver Birch 16″ pot worth $139.99 OR a jacaranda 12″ pot worth $99.90 absolutely free!

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  • Lovely colours available
  • Perfect for landscaping
  • Beautiful flowers

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Watch the video below to see the 6″ potted colour Clearance!!!

6 pot Video Thumb


3 Banner3 pot Explosion 2

  • Cheap for landscaping
  • Great colours available
  • Young, vigorous and establish quickly

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Capital Pears $24.99 banner

Capital Pear Explosion

  • Beautiful seasonal colours
  • Provide excellent privacy
  • Landscape favourite

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Silver Birch Banner

Silver Birch Explosion 2

  • Can be grown in clumps
  • Beautiful coloured trunk once matured
  • Perfect for compact gardens

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 Little Gem Banner

Little Gem Mag Button Pic

  • Gorgeous dark green glossy foliage
  • Makes a classy border
  • Evergreen with beautiful velvet undertones

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  • Super effective for hedging
  • Quick Growing
  • Everygreen and hardy!

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  • Create beautiful hedges and borders
  • Many varieties to choose from
  • Perfect for any garden type

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